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  • A Possible Trend Towards A More Balanced Market?

    Certain areas and prices ranges within the Twin Cities are experiencing slight cool downs with buyer and seller activity.  These slight changes are common to see when a housing market is continuing to strive towards a more balanced environment.   See the attached link provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors discussing the specific statistics. MAAR ...
  • The Low Down on Inventory

    Homes sales locally are down approximately -9% due to the lack of inventory compared to last year.  Here’s an article discussing the national trends as well: Low Inventory  
  • Home Prices Increase

    Here’s an article regarding the housing Case-Shiller Index showing national home prices climbing to some of the highest levels in 2 years. Case Shiller Index Report
  • More and More Homeowners Getting their Equity Back

    This article indicates more homeowners are reclaiming their equity back with the increase in home values. Homeowners getting out from being underwater  
  • The importance of Staging

    Here’s a short clip from Edina Realty confirming staging your home properly does make a difference.  If you have any questions about home preparations and strategies to stage your home to receive a maximum sales price give me a call or email.  
  • Energy Efficiency

    Here’s a short video with some reminder tips for keeping an energy efficient home. Energy Efficient Homes  
  • The search for Haunted Houses – Happy Halloween!

    Here’s a list of the cities reporting the most haunted houses and/or paranormal activity: Top Metro areas with the most Haunted Houses  
  • Outdoor Trends To Attract Buyers

    Here are a handful of suggestions when preparing the exterior home, updating features, or adding features before going on the market: Outdoor Home Improvements  
  • The National Housing Comeback

    We’re seeing overall housing values rebound nation wide.  This article (link) talks about how the nation is seeing an overall housing comeback with the lagging states of Florida and Arizona making strides as well. HOUSING COMEBACK
  • Calling All Chaska Residents to Jonathan! (The Jonathan Association)

    For those living in Chaska I wanted to let you know that the Jonathan Association is planning to repaint the Jonathan Silo on the corner of Hwy 41 & Hundertmark this summer.  My good friend, Todd Dexter, has a design as one of the three finalists for the refresh.  Take a look at the 3 options and place your ...