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  • Mid Spring 2019 Recap

    Here’s some housing data provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors as we’re getting into our mid spring housing market.   Month supply of homes increased to 1.9% putting a little more balance into the overall market. April Housing Stats
  • What is a “Balanced Market”

    As we’re starting to see some rebalancing within the housing market for some areas both locally and nationally here’s a breakdown helping define each market environment.  If you have any questions regarding the market stats and interested in getting a free home valuation click on the “What’s My Home Worth” on my home page. Market Definitions  
  • Increase in Twin City Housing Inventory December 2018

    For the first time since April 2015 there were more homes listed for sale in the Twin Cities metro than the same month the year prior.  Here’s the recent housing news release for December 2018 from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors. Updated Housing Release December 2018
  • Making the Move!

    Whether you need a trailer to help move the small things into your new place, moving furniture, or hauling kids to college – this trailer is a free service to my clients!
  • Real Estate Investing

    If you enjoy listening to Podcasts  – here’s a real estate podcast centered around real estate investing that I’ve been listening to recently: Bigger Pockets    
  • A little less activity but home values still appreciating

    Here’s a recent housing release from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors confirming the continued pattern of less inventory and the competitive market for home buyers in certain price ranges. 5.23.18 News Release  
  • Cold Spring Hot Market!

    Even though this “spring” housing market in the Twin Cities experienced a winter wonderland, the housing market continues to stay warm.  The imbalance between inventory and buyers still continues as we get into Mid April so overall home sales are down due to the lack of inventory but home prices continue to climb.  Here’s a recent news ...
  • Spring Cleaning Tips

    Once spring actually arrives here are some helpful spring cleaning tips. Spring Cleaning Tips  
  • Home Prices Hit Record Highs

    Here’s a recent post from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors discussing the momentum of the housing market and the Twin City Home values. Home Prices    
  • A Possible Trend Towards A More Balanced Market?

    Certain areas and prices ranges within the Twin Cities are experiencing slight cool downs with buyer and seller activity.  These slight changes are common to see when a housing market is continuing to strive towards a more balanced environment.   See the attached link provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors discussing the specific statistics. MAAR ...